Garden Decking in Brighton
From Fencing to Patios: The Benefits of Our Hardscaping Features

Has your garden fencing become damaged during a recent storm? Are you looking to upgrade your garden paving to better suit your tastes and requirements? Our landscaping company works on projects of all shapes and sizes, but they almost always involve hardscaping features. From garden patios to retaining walls, and garden decking to pergolas, these man-made installations play a key role in defining the appearance and functionality of your outside space.

As such, it’s vital to get them right at the first attempt. This not only provides the best return on your initial investment, but it also maximises the benefits associated with each individual feature.

In this blog, we look at some of these benefits.

The Advantages of Popular Hard Landscaping Features

Garden Fencing

Because our landscaping company erects fences in various designs, the benefits you receive depend on the style you choose. DM Landscapes installs:

Much like garden patios, panel and closeboard fencing are staples of private gardens in and around Brighton. This is primarily because they have zero through-visibility. As a result, they make the perfect barrier between your premises and the outside world. Increasing both security and privacy, these garden fencing options deter prying eyes. They’re also great at stopping children and pets from wandering into danger.

Picket and post and rail fences provide a different purpose. With ample through-visibility, they offer little by way of privacy and security. However, they make for attractive boundary markers that don’t obstruct views across larger spaces.

Like garden decking, all our fences produce the natural warmth and character associated with premium-quality timber.

Garden Paving and Patios

Garden patios are arguably the most ubiquitous feature found in back gardens, not just in Brighton and Sussex, but across the country. And there’s a good reason why these installations still top many wish-lists.

First, when laid by a time-served landscaping company like ours, garden paving and patios become an attractive focal point with inherent durability.

In addition, a well-designed patio, with pathways leading to other key garden features, significantly improves the functionality of your outside space. As with carefully considered garden decking, your patio provides a platform for outdoor activities, be it family dinners, reading a book, meditating or hosting friends at the weekend.

Without garden patios (or a decking equivalent), these spaces are little more than grass, plants and garden fencing. While this can look great, it’s not a practical space for spending time in.

Garden Decking

If the qualities of concrete or natural stones don’t suit the vision you have for your garden in Brighton, decking could make the perfect alternative. Our landscaping company supplies premium hardwoods and softwoods, as well as synthetic uPVC decking boards. No matter which option you opt for, you create an environment rich in the warm, welcoming tones that only timber, and superior timber-like products, can achieve.

Of course, a deck provides all the same social space as garden patios, so they’re just as effective at unlocking the potential of the land surrounding your home. Our designs and installations help to create a garden that feels like an extra room.

Garden decking is also a highly effective choice if you have a sloping garden. This is because the raised nature of the structure can essentially level-off otherwise annoying contours. Naturally, you can still use garden paving to connect your deck to other key features.

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